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About Nagae Traditional Dolls Workshop

The 1st floor of the doll production studio is transformed into a showroom from November to May, where we sell a variety of traditional Japanese dolls including Hina dolls (dolls for the festival on the 3rd of March), Gogatsu dolls (dolls for the festival on the 5th of May), Ichimatsu dolls (porcelain dolls of children), Japanese Geisha dolls (porcelain dolls of women in kimono) and New Year's decorations.

Yoshiho is a master artisan who has been making traditional Hina dolls for more than 60 years. He has held extremely well received exhibitions in Ginza and Kichijoji in Tokyo.

Designated as a Traditional Handcraft by the Japanese Government

Traditional festival decorations (dolls, paper lanterns and banners) made in Aichi and part of Gifu were designated as a Traditional Handcraft by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2021.
This announcement was a good opportunity not only for people in the region but also across the country to recognize traditional Japanese culture once again.

Note: For awards and organization names, those whose official English is not clear have been modified for ease of understanding. If the official English name is released, we will update it.

伝統的工芸品 名古屋節句飾


  • 2023.09.06
    名古屋とヨーロッパのものづくりの文化を結び、国際的にプロダクトを発表する機会として、フランス・パリ にて開催される国際的なライフスタイルの展示会「Maison & Objet(メゾン・エ・オブジェ)」にて「Creation as DIALOGUE」を出展・長江人形の新しいプロダクトを出品いたします。
  • 2023.03.01
  • 2022.11.22
    人形作家 芳峰』を更新しました。
  • 2022.11.01
  • 2022.08.18

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